Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to Increase Your Websites Traffic With Meta Tags

The modest meta tag yet bears its uses in search engine optimization. If you know the technique optimizing the meta tags for your targeted keywords, it can avail you drive a lot of traffic to your web site. Be organized to spend a few time revising your code, because you have to edit each page individually.

Follow the below mentioned steps to make your work more easy:

1. Study Your Website Statistics: Apply a effective web hit counter or traffic analyzer. Analyse the data to recognize how people search for your website, what keywords they apply, which pages are most democratic etc.. Question yourself if this are your targeted keywords or not.
2. Ensure Keyword Tools, Link Popularity Tools and Search Engines for Moneymaking Keywords and Key Phrases: Apply keyword tools to acquire an idea what keywords and phrases build money online. Assure with search engines to consider the competition for those keywords. Check if your competitors bear high page rank or not. Once you find out words and phrases that are not overly competitive, you're to apply those in your meta tag optimization.

3. Prepare a Fresh Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Project Based on Your Research: Prepare a fresh search engine optimization project after this initial research. Prepare a list of new set of targeted keywords. This should be a mixture of your original targeted keywords and the genuine keywowrds that people use to search your website. You have believably discovered that most of the traffic come from particular key phrase search such as "SEO Freelancer in Mumbai" instead of just "SEO Freelancer". In order to gain more traffic to your website, you require to concentrate on particular conditions.
4. Start Meta Tag Optimization on Each and Every Page: Don't be work-shy with meta tag in search engine optimization. Apply a different keyword for each page. Consider each page or content on your website as a unique entity. You desire it to rank as high as potential for its targeted keywords.
5. Alter the Meta Tag "Keywords" to Finer Target: Apply key phrases instead of keywords. Avoid wide terms like "SEO" and "Freelancer" that are far and a bit generic to make the page disccoverable. Alternatively, concentrate on particular key phrases. You wish people to recognize that you've the particular part of information they're searching for.
6. Write Each Meta Tag "Description" Unique: Compose a unique description of each webpage. Once again with the keywords meta tag, be particular and elaborated. Keep this in mind that each webpage has to be optimized separately. Do not compose a generic meta tag "Description" for all webpages.
7. Carry on to Monitor Your Website Statistics: If your meta tag optimization is perfectly executed then it should increase hits to your website. Simply be honest about your destinations and expectations. Acquiring a lot of hits requires time, specially if you are targeting extremely competitive keywords. Continue updating and tweaking as required from time to time.

Thus you can gain a handsome amout of traffic by following this simple steps, the basic but effective steps of search engine optimization process.


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hi ! I have been looking for ideas how to increase website traffic. thanks for sharing this information !

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